Tranquil Tea
Tranquil Tea
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Tranquil Tea

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Our Tranquil tea was created to help relax your mind, encouraging a better night’s sleep. Made from passionflower because of the known natural ability to help relieve anxiety and insomnia. With our Tranquil tea there is no waste we use the stems, the leaves and the flowers ensuring you receive all the goodness this flower has to offer.

Serving Suggestions?

1-2 heaped teaspoons into a cup of freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Leave for up to 15 minutes if you enjoy the stronger flavour. The longer you leave the tea brew the more benefits you will receive.

Remember to use a strainer or infuser. 


100 grams of loose leaf tea packaged in a 100% compostable airtight kraft pouch.


Store below 18°C in a dry place out of light.

Ingredients: Passionflower

Warning: This product isn't intended to treat, cure or prevent any illnesses. Always consult a healthcare professional before consuming any herbal products especially if you're pregnant or taking medication.