About me

Hey There,

Thank you stopping by, here is a little more about me and why I started Zen and Relax Co.

I am mum, a wife and now a business owner with an avid passion for mental health and sustainability.

As the proud Founder of Zen and Relax Co, I am on a lifelong mission to spread awareness about mental health and the importance of self care.

A few years back my life took an unexpected turn which led to my own mental health journey including hundreds of appointments with psychologists, psychiatrists, naturopaths and doctors, it has resulted in a complete career change and an even stronger mindset.

After literally years of treatment it wasn’t until I realised that if I didn’t stop and take back the reins, quit hoping that all of these professionals are going to ‘fix me’ and accept that anxiety, depression and panic will be sticking around and that I needed to find a way to accept that.

I chose to make mental health my friend, not my enemy and the most important part is to SELF CARE which returns the favour by ensuring anxiety, depression and panic are my friends.  In time I will share more of my story through blogs linked to this website and together we can spread awareness, show support and grow together.

With Love and Light

P xx