Welcome to Real Raw and Relatable truths about Mental Illness

Do you know someone who is struggling with mental health, a friend, family member, colleague or maybe yourself? 

I’m not a psychiatrist, psychologist nor do I have a piece of paper saying I am a qualified ‘Mental health Guru’ but what I do have is REAL, RAW and RELATABLE feelings, emotions and experiences with mental illness because I’ve been there, I’ve lived it and I’ve survived.

  • Diagnosed with Major Depression, Severe Panic and Anxiety.
  • Treated for over 2 years by multiple professionals and dragged through the Work Cover System.
  • A  long list of therapies and courses.
  • Medication after medication after medication after medication.

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions, I am going to share the good, the bad and the shit no one speaks about because of the fear of being judged.
Please always remember that my inbox is open, I am willing to answer any questions and give support where I can.
I hope that my blog can help one person feel less alone.
Spreading awareness around mental health is something I am very passionate about and I hope that I can help normalise the ‘stigma’ around mental illness.
*Disclaimer – I am not here to win a spelling award, I say it how it is and most of the time there will be swear words. I am not everyone’s cup of tea so if you don’t like what you are reading and it doesn’t resonate with you that’s totally ok, just keep scrolling. Remember this is a space to break the stigma and spread awareness. BE KIND.

24 Hour helpline numbers
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
Lifeline Australia 13 11 14

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