Addiction or Dependence that comes with Mental illness

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A lot of us aren't addicted to alcohol or drugs, we are addicted to escaping our reality, our thoughts, the pain the constant reminder of it all. I started off drinking just a few cans every day and not before 2pm. After a little while that turned in to drinking 4 and then 6, 8 and so on, I would tell myself that I didn’t have a problem because I was still functioning and It’s not like I drank before 12pm or drank until I couldn’t walk. I didn’t drink and drive, I ensured that I was able to collect...

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My world crashed and I spiralled into a dark hole from workplace bullying

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The Beginning of my struggles. I was 25 years old, I had a new car, a beautiful daughter, engaged to my best friend and we had just moved into our newly built family home. I was working as an Accounts Manager and PA to a Legal Practice director. I loved my job, my life, my friends and everything else that came with it. I truly was HAPPY and felt content with where I was in life and where I was going, I was healthy and literally on top of the world. Little did I realise that dealing with 1 difficult...

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Welcome to Real Raw and Relatable truths about Mental Illness

Do you know someone who is struggling with mental health, a friend, family member, colleague or maybe yourself?  I’m not a psychiatrist, psychologist nor do I have a piece of paper saying I am a qualified ‘Mental health Guru’ but what I do have is REAL, RAW and RELATABLE feelings, emotions and experiences with mental illness because I’ve been there, I’ve lived it and I’ve survived. Diagnosed with Major Depression, Severe Panic and Anxiety. Treated for over 2 years by multiple professionals and dragged through the Work Cover System. A  long list of therapies and courses. Medication after medication after...

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